All the reasons to love the Xbox One!

In todays blog we will give you all the reasons you need to decide that the Xbox One is the best possible console to play games with. There are several reasons why people prefer one console over the other. And the most important one in this decision making process would probably be based on which console most of your friends have. But if you are looking for some decent reasons to pick the Xbox One you’ve came to the right place. Read more about the Xbox vs Playstation 4 here.

First of all, the main point of gaming online is being social with your friends. We can’t stress the importance enough. Usually you will receive your messages while you are gaming and you don’t want to leave the screen because than, you might lose! In this new great feature  you can read all your messages with a snapshot on the side will continuing your gaming experience! Next, there is the Smartglass app. This app allows you to use a lot of great features of the Xbox One on other devices like your smartphone, tablet, ipad etc. Furthermore, it is evident that Xbox is the #1 when it comes to streaming of your games. Together with windows 10 the Xbox allows the gamer to directly stream it’s games on the internet. So if you want to share your gaming experience with your friends through a video. Or if you want to start your own business on Twitch. This provides the perfect mechanisms for you.

Than the updated interface on Xbox Live, as you can see in the video the interface has been fully updated and will continue to be updated. This continuous innovation of the interface increases the convenience for the user, making everything easy to relocate and make sure that you are able to find what you are looking for. And if this can’t convince you you should know that the Xbox is way cheaper than any other console too! But this is not the actual reason why you should choose the one over another.The real reason why you should choose this console is because there are several options that allow to get access to Xbox Gold without any payment involved. For example, you can get Free Xbox Live Codes on the web. The link will allow you to make use of the online multiplayer mode and all extra features that come with the gold package for up too 365 days. So unless you don’t like free internet access, games and sports. Don’t pick the Xbox and pay for it at another console!

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