For you the top 10 must play Xbox Games!

On number 10 you find Mortal Kombat with great character models and shocking fatalities, moreover you can play 3 different versions of each charachter

On number 9 you find Tomb Raider Definite Edition, in this game multiplayer mode is supported the action in this game like dungeon challnges were ruthless and fun to play

On number 8 you find Dark Sould II: Scholar of the first Sin. Remastered visiuals and 60 frames per second of goodness and its core and online play improved

On number 7 you find Forza Horizon 2, Open world racing game with choice out of 200 distinct and well design cars. Perfect for people who love racing games

On number 6 find Dragon Age Inquisition, Visual masterpiece with interesting characters walking around the world you will find yourself talking with many different interesting characters perfect for people who love Role playing games

On number 5 you find shadow of mordor: Middle earth, A perfect hack and slash game you can do a lot of wonderfull combo’s that are visualized in the best way possible.

On Number 4 Minecraft Xbox One edition has a wapping 36 times larger world compared to the previous version feeding perfect ingredients for creativity. Great for the creative person.

Do you want to know the top 3 games for the Xbox One games so far? Than watch the video with live comments and more information for each game. Make a wise decision in the games you buy because money is scarce

Moreover, all of these games support Multiplayer on the online Network. In order to play online you need a Xbox Live Code to activate it. on you can get Free Xbox Live Gold for your account without paying a single buck! So spare yourself some money with free Xbox Live and spend it on one of the top 10 Xbox One games so far!

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