Must read before you enter the world of Xbox Live Gold!

Welcome to our new blog that will explain the functions on your personal Xbox account. It is good to read all the information before setting up your account. Sometimes it might happen that your account will be banned if you do something wrong. Like putting an offensive username in your gamers tag. But what exactly is a gamerstag?

Once you enter the online world, your account will be recognized by a gamers tag, this is simply the name that other people will see when you come online. While you create your account you can choose your gamers tag. Keep in mind that the gamers tag is publicly visible. So don’t put an offending name here, unless you would like to get banned. Your online account will keep track on all your achievements acquired during your gaming experience. All of these records will be saved to your account. Again, publicly available for anyone to see. All of these records are summarized in your gamer card. The gamercard includes a picture, reputation, Gamerscore and the most recent games you have played. Other gamers can decide whether they had a positive or negative experience while playing with you. This will determine your reputation.

Once you acquire a license through our service you will be able to start a private chat with someone, but you can also start a group chat. You should keep in mind that being offensive in these chats will decrease your reputation in game and people will be less likely to match up with you. Thus, always be kind! Another awesome function is the synchronisation with social media.

With a few clicks on the button you can couple your Twitter and Facebook account to share your gaming experience with your closest friends. Everything on the Xbox is made to be social with your fellow gamers. My tip would be to communicate in a friendly manner, increase your skills with a select group of gamers quickly. And start your own clan or guild in the game to get the most enjoyment out of your gaming time!


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