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Today we will discuss the #1 game for Xbox Live. Many of you are familiar with the online gameplay on the console and probably will be familiar with previous versions of the selected game. Let’s start with a bit of history when Halo 1 was first introduced. The game was success story all over the place and people started buy the console just to play the game. That were great times and times might repeat again, because now that Halo 5 is out we will expect a boost in players using the Xbox. With the new Guardians of the Month upgrade for the multiplayer mode of the game we will expect this game to become the number 1 game online. The new expansion will add new game modes, weapons, arenas, and other graphic improvements. Now that’s the story in short lets elaborate on that. The new multiplayer mode is called infection. In the game mode one person who is the infected, will try to make sure that all the survivors in the game also  become infected while the survivors rather will tend to avoid the infected person or kill him. The mode has recently been introduced and you can read more about it on Gameinformer. If you want to play this game in multiplayer modes you will probably understand that you will need access to Free Xbox Live. This, however is expensive and if your parents are willing to pay for you you might end up playing the single player modes. This in itself is not a big problem, however it will reduce the gaming experience you have. Moreover, you will miss out on the cool gameplays that will arise by playing online, going into the arena with your friends, teaming with other people online while communicating and being social through your headset. All of these things aren’t possible if you don’t have access to the online network. Therefore, We introduce the Free Xbox Live Gold Codes on this website. In just a few steps you are the lucky person to enjoy all the cool features mentioned above! Just follow the link and you will get access to free Xbox Live provided through with an extra addition of Xbox Gold! If you are interested in reading about more games you should definitely check out our blog about the top 10 games for the Xbox One. Here you will find great gaming titles like Dark Souls III, Mortal Kombat and many other great titles. If you like this blog, don’t forget to comment and share your feedback!

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