The Xbox One Versus the Playstation 4


Today is an exciting day for every single person who is in love with his console, this can either be the XBOX One or the Playstation 4. Just like the war going in the smarphone market: Iphone vs Samsung. Owners of both gaming consoles are connected to their product and are willing to share their experience about why the console they use is the most promising console now and in the future. Well you can imagine that every person has it’s favorite. So it’s not as clear cut as people are telling you. And you might need some more general information on both consoles to make the utlimate decision on which on console you should buy.

What is good about the Xbox One?

Since most players on the console favor games that can be played online we will start off with discussing the online platform. You can be part of the Xbox Live network for nothing more than $10,95 a month. Which is a reasonable price for everyone. And probably if you are not willing to pay this price your parents might be so kind to help you out. This price will give you access to the Gold Subscription; this package will offer you some decent features! In one of our other blogs we discuss the detailed list of all Xbox Live Gold Features. The most promising features that are offered to you are multiplayer gaming; from now on you can enjoy the online world. Here you can game in co-op modes or split screen with all your friends. Think about exploring the awesome world of Halo 5 with your buddies. Will you do the Campaign together? or will you battle against your friends to show them that you are the best. Next to the multiplayer mode you will also receive free games from Microsoft. Every two months you can choose from a wide selection of exclusive games you can play without actually owning the games. Moreover, you can get great discounts on games which can be as big as 75% of the total price. If you are a social gamer and you are looking for a way to connect to all the other players. The Party chat feature will help you to do so. Here you can chat and discuss with other online gamers; discuss the newest facts with other gamers and be part of the online gaming community. Last but not least you will get access to all kind of entertainment apps like Spotify, Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Instant video’s etc. With spotify you will be able to control the music played on your Xbox with your mobile device. Many people enjoy listening music on the background while gaming. If you don’t have a subscription for spotify yet, you should get free spotify premium. Only than you can enjoy your favorite music while gaming.

Another feature that makes the Xbox different from the Playstation is the controller. The controller is a personal preference and anyone should decide for itself which one is the best. The Xbox Controller is characterized by a wider grip and will give you comfort during your play. While the Playstation controller is smaller which offers a little bit less comfort for a longer time of gaming. However, it does eases the reach for every button. So if you have small hands you’d most likely want the PS Controller. So now that we’re done with the controllers we will continue with the most important criteria to decide which console you want. Let me explain, both consoles have their own specific gaming titles that are exclusively offered on one of the consoles. If you find to know which games are exclusively offered check out our blog about the Top 10 Xbox One Games. For most people the games that are offered play a big part in their final decision. By browsing through the list of games for each console you can decide which console offers more games to your liking

Will the Playstation be more convincing in it’s features?

So now it’s time to see whether the Playstation can compete, and in features both consoles are pretty close to each other. In the past, many people choose to with the Playstation, because it was the only console that offered free access to the online network. Now a day, you need a subscription of $25 for three months of gaming time which is comparable in price with it’s rivals. When comparing the networks in capacity; we argue that both networks are comparable in performance of their networks. You won’t experience lagg during your games unless your own internet is insufficient. And that’s all you can notice about the performance of a network. Just like the Xbox the Playstation offers new games for free with it’s Playstation Plus Subscription. Once they even gave away Rocket League for free, which now is one of the most played games in the world. Just like their competitor they offer a discount on games for premium users. However, the PSN network does include another cool feature. All your games will be saved in an online cloud, this enables you to continue your story mode at any place in the world. To make your stay more enjoyable entertainment apps like Spotify, Twitch, Netflix etc are offered. When you are finished gaming you can still use the Playstation to have a good time. Spotify offers equal options on both consoles. If you choose for the Playstation you should definitely get Free Playstation Plus for your account. Because only with the Plus package you will get exclusive free and discounted games.


Probably one of the most important things you should take in consideration is to see which console your friends use mostly. Both consoles are pretty much equal in the features they offer. The Playstation does have a powerfull Engine that automatically is giving higher performance enabling better graphics for your games. A lot of players put high priority on better graphics and therefore Playstation is the most used console at this moment. Thus, if you ask your friends which console they use. Most of them will probably be using the Playstation. In this case you should go for it, most enjoyment with games is created by gaming together with other people! If this argument is not decisive for you, we would recommend you to make a comparison between the exclusive games both consoles offer. Since both are highly comparable, the games should help you to make your final decision. Which console will win the battle: Xbox One VS Playstation 4.

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